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Hi all!!! First at all i would like to say: Happy Holidays / Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to everyone.
Well…the last few days of Xmas Holidays here in Vancouver i decided to work in another rnd, this time i did a FLIP UPRES SOLVER.

The reason to do something like this is to avoid always the hard process to simulate Large scale simulations, using this system we can UPRES any sim that we like, for example we can increase the particle numbers only in the areas where we are interesting like curvature, speed, vorticity or using a bbox specific area.

As you can see the setup still is Work in Progress, not finished but now we can Upres any flip sim!

The Upres workflow for Flip has been always a nightmare to do it, but this time i did an easy and superfast workflow in houdini, you can check the simulation time and ram usage below.

Any comments or suggestions are welcome.

Hope you like it.