+34 686 20 36 15 ivanpulido7@yahoo.es

This is Ivan Pulido Suarez, Lead / Senior FX TD artist born in Canary Islands (Spain) , living in Valencia (Spain).

High Experience as Lead / Sr. FX Technical Director, with Experiences on (Movies, Animated movies, Game Cinematics, TV Commercials, Game Mobile FX…)

Expert in Fluid Simulations, Smoke and Explosions Sims, Particles Effects, Supernatural Effects , Creative vision and teamwork, using differents softwares like: Houdini (Main Software), 3DMax, Naiad, Realflow, Maya.

Proactive, Patient, Perfectionist person and ability to work to deadlines, excellent eye for detail and to solve any kind of problems and very hard worked, Reliable and self-motivation and passionate about the visual effects, big co-worker.

Working on 3D from 2001, and from 2011 in the VFX Industry in companies as: WorldwideFX , FROSTFX , CERN: The European Organization for Nuclear Research & University of ArlingtonFROSTFXGRIDVFXSERENA DIGITALAXIS ANIMATIONSONY PICTURES IMAGEWORKS, DOUBLE NEGATIVE, ILP, Important Looking Pirates VFX, SONY PICTURES IMAGEWORKS (2º Time)!

New awesome projects, hero shots and new exciting stuffs soon!.