This is Ivan Pulido Suarez, Lead / Senior FX TD artist born in Canary Islands (Spain) , living in Valencia (Spain).

Experience as Lead / Sr. FX Technical Director with skills in: Fluid Simulations (Water, Pyrotechnics), Particles Effects, Supernatural Effects (Tsunami, Tornadoes, Thunderstorms, Rain) Creative vision and teamwork, using differents softwares like: Houdini, 3DMax, Naiad, Realflow, Maya.

Proactive, Patient, Perfectionist person and ability to work to deadlines, excellent eye for detail and to solve any kind of problems and very hard worked, Reliable and self-motivation and passionate about the visual effects, big co-worker.

Experiences on (Movies, Animated movies, Game Cinematics, TV Commercials, Game Mobile FX…)

I am working on 3D from 2001, and starting working on effects from 2004 when Realflow 3.0 come out, from there i am focusing on VFX, and my pro experience started early 2011 with the Spanish movie: “Captain Thunder” and a Spanish animated shortfilm at the same year.

And from 2012 started to work in the VFX Industry in companies as: WorldwideFX , FROSTFX , CERN: The European Organization for Nuclear Research & University of ArlingtonFROSTFXGRIDVFXSERENA DIGITALAXIS ANIMATIONSONY PICTURES IMAGEWORKS, DOUBLE NEGATIVE, ILP, Important Looking Pirates VFX!



New awesome projects, hero shots and new exciting stuffs soon!.

Sincerely and Happy Surfing.  🙂