This is Ivan Pulido Suarez, Lead / Senior FX TD artist born in Canary Islands (Spain) , living in Valencia (Spain).

Experience as Lead / Sr. FX Technical Director with skills in: Fluid Simulations (Water, Pyrotechnics), Particles Effects, Supernatural Effects (Tsunami, Tornadoes, Thunderstorms, Rain) Creative vision and teamwork, using differents softwares like: Houdini, 3DMax, Naiad, Realflow, Maya.

Proactive, Patient, Perfectionist person and ability to work to deadlines, excellent eye for detail and to solve any kind of problems and very hard worked, Reliable and self-motivation and passionate about the visual effects, big co-worker.

Experiences on (Movies, Animated movies, Game Cinematics, TV Commercials, Game Mobile FX…)

I am working on 3D from 2001, and starting working on effects from 2004 when Realflow 3.0 come out, from there i am focusing on VFX, and my pro experience started early 2011 with the Spanish movie: “Captain Thunder” and a Spanish animated shortfilm at the same year.

In 2012 started to work at WorldwideFX for the movie “The Expendables 2”,  FROSTFX based in Estonia next step, for a muppet movie doing large scale water simulations, and back to WorldwideFX to work for new feature film, this time “Olympus has Fallen”.

I started 2013 working for one of the most important organizations inthe world: CERN: The European Organization for Nuclear Research & University of Arlington, working for a planetarium show based on the new discovered Higg Boson and Dark Matter.

2013 back to work also for a friend company as FROSTFX for a VITALINEA 0% Commercial as Freelance, and at CERN until end of year.

2014 Time for Ghent (Belgium) working for GRIDVFX, for a new feature animated movie based on the Noah Story, working as Lead FX and HOUDINI TECHNICAL DIRECTOR, responsible for the FX TEAM, and working there along 10 month. After that, i started to work at SERENA DIGITAL (Madrid, Dubai) as Freelance, and after 4 month working for SERENA, AXIS ANIMATION in Glasgow, knock to the door, from February 2015 working on AAA+ Game Cinematics as: Halo 5: Guardians and League of Legends until Summer 2015

Later 2015 (November) i joined to one of the biggest and best companies in the world, SONY PICTURES IMAGEWORKS , 10 month working on STORKS, until 2016, July, but one more time the project finished.

2017 started again in new company and new country, this is time for UK and DOUBLE NEGATIVE , now Wonder Woman is ready!!

From August,2017 have a new work, this time flight to Sweden, Stockholm, I decided to join to one of the best vfx companies in europe, ILP, Important Looking Pirates VFX!!! new awesome projects, hero shots and new exciting stuffs soon!.


Sincerely and Happy Surfing.  🙂