+34 686 20 36 15 ivanpulido7@yahoo.es

Working with Ivan was a great experience, he is a very talented FX Artist who likes to solve shots of high complexity. He helped me a lot in the improvement and development of tools to solve the shots; He was a great co-worker who was worried about every aspect of the production to help improve the problem solving of the shots. I hope that we can continue to work together in the near future.

Alejandro Echeverry

Houdini FX TD, CEO at NetForce FX

Ivan is a skilled Houdini FX Artist who works with strong motivation on any task given to him. I found him to have very good problem solving skills, as he was able to find working setups for complex shots very quickly. He has an extraordinary eye for details and uses those skills to quickly improve the visual quality of his shots. I hope I can work together with him on a future project and would always recommend him for FX work.

Florian Koebisch

Senior FX TD, Double Negative London

Ivan made a great work for some of my animation projects.The liquids simulations that he did improve some poor looking scenes to the highest quality. Thanks Ivan!!

Luis Usón

CEO, Lead Layout Artist at MPC London

To my knowledge, Ivan is a talented and hardworking individual. He is very passionate and dedicated to his work. Capable of multitasking and he deals perfectly with tight deadlines. His ability to adapt and work in a team is impressive. I’m looking forward to have the chance of working with him on another project.

Rumen Kirov

Senior FX TD, Worldwide FX

Dear Hiring Managers,

Ivan is reliable and eternally upbeat. He is multitask effective and is able to handle a high-volume workload. I was very impressed  with Ivan’s enthusiasm and how fast He adapts and learns.

Ivan is a hardworking and it would be a pleasure for me to work with him again.

Lyubomir Kirkov VFX artist TD


Lyubomir Kirkov

Lead & Senior FX TD , Atomic Fiction

Ivan is an high level artist able to manage with great precision any kind of fluid
Also great developing tools for Houdini
highly recommended for any VFX position


Carlos Acevedo

FX Technical Director, Rodeo FX

Ivan was a great asset to the team who created the visual effects for The Expendables 2 project. He tackled many different difficult tasks with dedication and passion. He is also a very nice person and it is a real pleasure to work with him. I would highly recommend him as a member of every VFX team.

Best Regards
Stanislav Draganov
VFX Artist TD

Stanislav Draganov

Senior FX TD, Worldwide FX

Ivan is a very dedicated and hard working person. He can manage any task and get quick results with great quality. He has a great team working spirit and is a very easy going person. It will be a great pleasure to work in the same team with him in the future.
For all this I recommend Ivan and don´t hesitate to contact me for further information.

Agustin Schilling

FX TD , CEO at Pyro VFX

Ivan, was really great to share knowledge and learn most of the simple efficient tricks from him, he is a master with Fluid dynamics.
creative, smart and a fast worker.


Jose Fernando

FX Artist, Digital Art Director at Boomerang