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Hi dear friends, here is my new old project update Canary Surge V2, this time i tried to improve my fluid workflow for Houdini.
Here are the new improvements things:

– Main Flip

  • New Main Flip Simulation workflow, using less particles can get highres details in less simulation time.
  • Flip Upressing just on desired areas on the sim.
  • Surface Tension to the flip is added

–   Whitewater: Spray

  • Whitewater secondaries workflow, now all the elements can be simulated separately to get high performance on every step.
  • Full Flip Whitewater behavior instead the tradicional and the default workflow using ballistic particles

– Whitewater: Foam

  • Working with Foam Density and Foam Deep in dops
  • Foam Pattern, can be used any texture to add real foam pattern.
  • New PBD Foam.